Bachelorette tiaras are the most popular bachelorette party favor for your girls’ night out. It has become such a staple in the menu of bachelorette party supplies, the market is overwhelmed with choices. With so many bachelorette tiaras to choose from, how do you know which ones are good or not? Unlike marriage, bachelorette tiaras don’t need to last a lifetime. They should at least last for one last night of wild penis shots with your girlfriends, though! Check out our best picks to find the perfect bachelorette tiara!


BacheloretteTiaras.com rates bachelorette tiaras based on three criteria: comfort, durability, and wearability. Basically, to score a “YES” in all three areas, you and your bridal party should be able to wear the bachelorette tiaras all night long without giving them a second thought…after all, this is about the bride, not the tiara.

YES or NO?

COMFORTABLE: Is the bachelorette tiara a comb or a headband? If it’s a headband, is it big enough to fit on the head of a full-grown American woman? Will it feel okay at first but then give you a terrible headache? Is it lined with sharp teeth that will dig into your skull all night? 

DURABLE: Is it metal or plastic? Is it a cheap pice of junk that will break at the slightest touch? Does the bachelorette tiara get distorted when you’re fixing it into your hair because it is made out of flimsy metal? If it has any decorations attached, how “attached” are they?

WEARABLE: Will this bachelorette tiara actually stay put on your head while you’re out dancing? Will it mess up your hair? Do you have to style your hair in a particular way just to wear the bachelorette tiara? If it is covered in glitter, does the glitter get all over the place?