Veil Tiaras

Veil bachelorette tiaras are a staple in the menu of bachelorette party supplies. With so many girls having a night out, how will the bride-to-be get to have her attention unless she sticks out from the crowd a little? Treat your friend right…after all it’s her day. Veil bachelorette tiaras are the perfect party favor and decoration for your girls’ night out, and many veil bachelorette tiaras have matching cute bachelorette tiaras for the rest of the bridal shower. This page of provides a comprehensive guide and rating score for all the best veil bachelorette tiaras be they comb or headband, penis or pretty, jewel or glitter. Every veil bachelorette tiara on our site is available for a discount price at

Black Veil Bachelorette Tiara

Comfortable YES
Durable NO
Wearable NO

Black Veil Bachelorette Tiara is for the emo bride. Made of a thin metal material coated in shiny black, this bachelorette tiara reads, “BRIDE TO BE.” It rests on the crown of the head and fixes into hairstyles with two combs located on the sides of the tiara. A short black veil is attached to the tiara.

Penis Wiggle Veil Tiara

Comfortable YES
Durable YES
Wearable YES

Penis Wiggle Veil Tiara is the cutest bachelorette tiara by far! It has little tufts of white feathers and silver tinsel at the base of the wobbly penis horns. It is attached to a headband which makes for easy wearing, and the long white lace veil is super high quality! The only possible problem is that the penises are a little heavy and might make the headband slip down once drinks are had. It’s still a top pick!